Trumpian Darkness (2016 just before the election)

There is a wolf in the high-rise

speaking in fluent sheep

some capitalist dipped

in the nuclear code

ego the size of a nightmare

a wall marching through his head

he’s a failed state

coded in hate

he speaks in swastika

some nativist dog whistle

ranting about immigrants entering

as if America is a

helpless virgin

being ravaged by

some dark savage

smells like the birth of a nation

DW Griffith as a toddler

in a giant red tie

with breath like knives

Klan teeth

alt-right toupee

Children coiffed

like children of the corn

hoping you forget to remember

he’s a blanket cut from treason

tapped phones and bank loans

tapped the psyche of those

allergic to logic

he’ll grab them by the xenophobia

pull out his racism

and expose their Jim Crow

and they will love it

their chants like blue murder

this cheap knock off of Lee Atwater

styrofoam David Duke

in a blue suit

he has a one state solution

America will become Alabama


he’ll bring Hazzard

he’ll bring wizards

he’ll bring maestros

and tricksters

those well-versed in

the bait and switch

his tongue

should have been nailed

to Nixon’s back


bleeding in Cyrillic

Putin typing sunscreen

into the teleprompter

Russian bone marrow

made out of tax returns

agent orange for schmucks

America on his lap

like his daughter on his lap

smiling like a Cheetos funeral

with a glass of rat milk

he’s an evangeli