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Editioned print of Saint Notorious I, 2021, printed on archival matte canvas. Arrives fully-framed and ready to hang.

Framed dimensions: 23 x 22in.



Saint Notorious I (2021), a subtle homage to Notorious B.I.G., is a classic representation of the Raktism method. Geometric cut-outs and repetitions show an echo of colors, similar to ripples in water, that begin to visually demonstrate the elusive fourth dimension: time. His face, equally segmented into four sections, remains whole because his almond-shaped eyes and mouth edge across the boundaries, illustrating how Biggie’s legacy, vision, and voice carry across time. His body is comprised of red, blue, and black layers and drips with palette knife scrapes that show movement while hinting at the violence experienced by Biggie specifically, and the Black American body in general. Despite this, his face remains serene, calmly gazing up and out in a regal gesture of hope.

Saint Notorious I (click image for details)

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