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George F Grant

George F. Grant: Harvard and Tribal Scars, 2022


Acrylic on canvas

48 x 48 in.

*James Colon 


George F. Grant, 2022


Acrylic on canvas

48 x 48 in.

*Wendell Haskins


George F. Grant #5, 2023

Acrylic on canvas

36 x 36 in.

*Jeff Sanchez


George F. Grant #6, 2023

Acrylic on canvas

36 x 36 in.

*Tristan Jass

Untitled design (95).png

George F. Grant #7, 2023

Acrylic on canvas

36 x 36 in.



George F. Grant #8, 2023

Acrylic on canvas

36 x 36 in.

*Aaron Greene


Ainsley Burrows is a multidisciplinary artist who explores untold narratives and unspoken emotions. Raised in Kingston, Jamaica, and Brooklyn, NY, Burrows' paintings reference the many lessons, historical figures, events, movements, and diasporas that have shaped his perspective.


Burrows has upcoming solo exhibitions at SUNY Oneonta, NY; KIRPA Auction House, online; Rush Arts, Philadelphia; The Lion Gallery, Los Angeles; and Creative Alliance, Baltimore. His work is currently being exhibited at Spillman Blackwell Gallery, New Orleans; 11:Eleven Gallery, Washington D.C.; Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, VA and Community College of Baltimore County.


Ainsley Burrows' work is included in the private collections of Hill Harper, Jeffrey Wright, Wayee Chu, Lisane Basquiat, and Jeanine and Herve Heriveaux.

About the Arts


Welcome to True Originals, an exhibition of work by artist Ainsley Burrows. Over the course of two days, Burrows will present six figurative paintings with a special portrait of George Franklin Grant, inventor of the first golf tee. Also on view will be two paintings exemplifying Burrows' signature abstract style.


True Originals was inspired by George F. Grant's invention, and is a celebration of several iconic Black figures who had a vision for the prosperity of their communities and led the way to better circumstances in golf and other areas. The portraits will include figures who did not exist, but are representative of those whose greatness was not recorded in history. These are the original dreamers and doers who's shoulders we stand on today.


True Originals will be on view July 23rd & 24th during the Original Tee Golf Classic events. It is curated by Laurielle Noel and powered by Vivian K. Tozaki, Esq.; with 10% of all proceeds from the sale of each piece going to support The Original Tee Golf Classic.

Curator's Note
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